Born: March 10, 1965
Birthplace: Prague, Czech Republic
Current home: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer
Current Hobbies: Video editing, model building & Karate

ever since I was very small, I have been a huge fan of the science fiction & fantasy. The first time I had ever gone to an convention was way back in 1981. during 1992, I got my very first computer, the Apple II+, and with it's state of the arts graphics (at that time), I got involved in making graphics and schematics of various ships and objects from the world of science fiction. In the summer of 1986, I got involved in the local Doctor Who club and became the co-organizer of a Doctor Who convention held in Edmonton in 1988. It is for this convention that I made my first music videos that were played on six TV screen hooked together. Since then, I became a very active member in other clubs that included general science fiction and Star Trek. In the mid eighties, I also started to develop a big interest in the anime genera which lead to being a co-founder of the local anime club called "BAKA". This lead me to make my first anime videos back in 1994.

During the nineties, I had helped organize many different conventions and continued to make music videos for them. I also did a number of panels at conventions that included science fiction and anime topics. During this time, I was also editing several newsletters for the clubs I was involved in From this I learned to  use Adobe Photoshop and got interested in image capture and manipulation. Then in 1988, I decided to buy an video editing card since I wanted to edit music videos and other projects digitally. Since then, I have edited many music videos, and done a  few weddings and corporate videos as well as a Trailer for Bandai's "Banner of the Stars".

I have spend the last several years editing anime music vides and a few other projects such as the DDR Projects. I have gone to many conventions as well to meet all the talented AMV creators, and have had the honor of winning several awards for my videos in some of the music video contests I have entered. I've also continued to challenge myself in digital editing by using more of After Effects and Photoshop to create a more artistic feel to my AMVs and go beyond just using the original footage. My most popular and favorite works include "Memories Dance", Transcending Love", "We Want You" and "A View to A Kill".

I have also expanded my role in the AMV community with the running of AMV contests for both Animethon and Anime Evolution, as well as running several very successful dedicated AMV rooms at conventions. I also help out at as the Video Catalog Administrator.


Vlad G. Pohnert - May, 2006