I originally got into video editing in 1997 when I made several music videos for a local convention's opening ceremonies using 2 VCRs.

Since then, I've made a number of music videos for conventions and the many panels I have done and hosted. Most of my work is done to Science Fiction movies and series such as Star Trek, Star Wars, etc, but In 1994 I also made 3 vides using anime for the local club I was involved in.

In 1998, I got a digital editing card from my PC and since then I've been editing my videos digitally and I have  also ended up re-mastering several of my old videos.

When I went to AnimeExpo in 1994, I almost entered two of my anime videos in the music video contest, but I missed the deadline and didn't realize they were taking entries right up to the first night of the convention. When I returned to AnimeExpo in 2000, I entered two of my anime music videos and ended up in the finals with one of them. Since then, I've entered into quite a number of anime music video contests and have ended up winning several awards. I also have entered on of my re-mastered Star Trek videos into a Star trek music video contest and to my surprise it won.

Since then, I continue to make music videos to expand my editing and software skills. In my recent works, I've been trying different things to push the envelop of digital editing and my capabilities.



October 2, 2003
Modified and updated Music Video and Convention Area.

August 30, 2003
Current Videos available for download once again

January 26, 2003
Due to requests, I've added my DDR3 Project videos for download.


Vlad G. Pohnert - October, 2003