Originally I started editing graphics back in 1987 when I first got a Mac. Then when I upgraded I crossed over to a PC platform in 1992 on which I spend 6 years doing desk top publishing. I got my first video capture card in 1998 from which time I started into digital editing.

Current Setup (2001 - Present)

Pentium III Dual - 1 GHz Processors
1 Gig Ram
40 Gig System Drive and 2 X 80 & 1 X 60 Gig video Hard Drives  running on a 
   Ultra 100 Promise ATA controller card
Matrox RT2500 video capture card
19" Viewsonic PF790 monitor  

Panasonic AG-1980 SVHS recorder
Panasonic AG-DV2000 DV & miniDV recorder 
Panasonic CT-S1390 color video monitor 

Premiere 6.01, After Effects 5.5, Photoshop 6.0
and Various utilities for Encoding Ripping video/audio


I also have several additional computers, one being a high capacity server with a running a RAID 5 ATA disk array for backup and video archiving, as well as a AMD processor based system for my general internet, word processing requirement.
Previous Setups

My previous video editing stations (one which I still have) consisted of the following:

1999 - 2001

Pentium III -700 MHz - 512 Meg Ram
20 Gig System Drive & 2 X 40 Gig video  Hard Drives
Pinnacle DC50 video capture card
Premiere 5.1

1998 - 1999

Pentium II - 333 MHz - 128 Meg Ram
10 Gig System Drive & 20 x 2 Gig video drives
Bravardo 2000 video capture card
Premiere 4.1

Vlad G. Pohnert - October, 2002